Back In Time Stretch

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Christmas...A Little Late

So I thought I would share some of my favorite photos from Christmas. Enjoy!

Stu and Casey being Stu and Casey!

What you don't see is the pacifier just fell out of her mouth and that was a no no that night. I just adore this picture!

She thinks Stu is a pretty great guy because he has a nose and facial hair...her two favorite things!!

Other Sissy and boyfriend Kevin...He takes up the whole tree so they have to be off center.

Sweet Adyson with her Daddy!!

Julie, Jim, and Me...Typical Jim!

The AWESOME Aprons Stu and Casey got us from Italy. "Queen of the kitchen"

My Daddy!! Love him.

Beautiful Christine and sleeping Adyson!

Bryan...not sure you are old enough for that beer just yet..

Pretty Sissy!!

Adyson with her Grammy!

Love this Little Nugget!! I cannot get enough of her!!

She winks at me...she must think I am pretty cool!

You can give kids all the presents in the world and it is the paper they will pick up and play with for hours!!!

Her laugh is adorable and so cute!