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Wednesday, December 2, 2009


I LOVE SNOW!!! I am not in the best state as in Texas we almost never see it, but today I got an early Christmas Present. I woke up this morning to my dad telling me it was snowing outside. Below are some of the pictures I snapped before I left for work. Unfortunately it did not stick very long and by the time I drove to work the snowflakes had turned into rain drops, but at least this was snow and not sleet. So be jealous all you Texans that moved away, you missed a miracle that only blesses Texas every once and a while, and not every long.

The House!! Notice the only decoration is the red bow on the mailbox, sad :( It would have been the prefect picture!

Christmas Decorations in the snow!

Look at it Pretty!!! Love It!!

The backyard!!!!

I LOVE SNOW!!! It makes me happy!

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  1. I am seriously so jealous that I missed the snow. And stop slacking on the Christmas decorations! Get some lights and a wreath out there! -Natalie